Sunday, November 29, 2009

I <3 Astrology

Friday, I spent absolutely no time working on my paper. Instead, I read about reading astrological birth charts. Supposedly, Aquarians are known for their connections/interests with astrology. I think my interests lie in the fact that I barely understand myself, so I'm always eager to try and find something out. Here are some interesting facts...

So that explains my "afflictions", my poor circulation, my allergy to changes in weather and my favorite colors. I guess, I need to get myself an amethyst, STAT.

case in point: last night. Harrison was super late in picking me up to see DMST (btw, AMAZING). I was freaking out. As soon as I got in the car, I was fine. When we got to the show an hour after it was supposed to start, I found that the first band hadn't even gone on yet and I was in time to see it all! the Divine order indeed!

my axis are all fixed. shit. my fifth house is full. shit. I'm so fixed, I have every element represented. Yet, I'm not working on this paper... I'm not finishing it am I? I dropped my thesis! Looks like I'm rebelling against all that fixed energy...

So... I think I'm gonna learn more about reading birth charts and start doing readings. that would be sick. I need to develop my intuitive side. Even my cousin Lisa has told me that. Now that I'm learning about the planets more, it should help in learning palm reading too.

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  1. i love astrology as well. come home so we can chat.